Introducing Shaun Mascarenhas, designer and founder of Demascare. An aspiring luxury brand that creates awe-inspiring women's and gender-neutral clothing. The brand's identity focuses on innovation, sustainability, and at it's core - people and community.

Demascare has been featured in many various fashion magazine editorials, runways and red carpets.

We asked Shaun why he became a Circular Partner and he said "I wanted to become a Circular Partner because I had been eagerly searching for a company that shared my passion for recycling and the environment. A friend recommended Viking Recycling and after meeting with Kelly and the team I knew I wanted to be a part of this community." 

"Circular Partners has strengthened my commitment to sustainability, expanded my network of like-minded environmentalists, and has given me great joy with the relationships that I have built along the way."

We're excited to watch Demascare bring sustainable fashion to the forefront. 

You can check out more amazing designs here.
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