Roncy Packs

Roncy Packs specializes in upcycled packs and accessories, using discarded materials to create durable and stylish products. Viking Recycling provides the infrastructure and expertise to process excess materials and extract reusable resources. Together, they form a collaborative force that reduces waste, supports our circular economy, and results in a positive environmental impact.


CIRCULAR PARTNERS like Air Canada play a crucial role as well, with their commitment to sustainable initiatives and their belief in finding the best solution. By collaborating with Viking Recycling, Air Canada contributes to the circular economy by diverting excess materials from our landfills and reducing their environmental footprint.


Roncy Packs and Viking Recycling, along with the support of commercial partners like Air Canada, exemplify the power of CIRCULAR PARTNERS. By creatively repurposing materials, they reduce waste, promote sustainability, and drive positive change. This collaboration serves as an inspiration for businesses and individuals to embrace circularity and work collectively towards a better, more sustainable world. Read more about this social-economic-environmental success story below!



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