Fabric Rolls

Types of Fabric Rolls:

  • Felt / Wool
  • Vinyl
  • Various Woven
  • Patterns
  • Boucle
  • Velvety

Roll Sizing: 

  • Small - Under 1 yard
  • Medium - Between 1-3 yards
  • Large - More than 3 yards

Quality & Content: 

These are all high-quality end of the roll textiles sourced from manufacturing of furniture. Many of these would be sold first hand for over $40.00 per yard. These textiles are post industrial so there is little to no risk of contamination aside from a bit of warehouse dust which can easily be wiped/washed off. There may be some cuts and sections missing at the end of the roll, however we gaurentee you will get your moneys worth!

Pick-Up / Delivery

Your fabric will either be left on the roll or taken off and folded nicely; whatever makes carrying the fabric easiest.