Our Team

We do this because we see waste an an opportunity!

Creating community and preventing waste is our passion.

We have cultivated a growing network of designers, businesses, and artists who want to contribute to a circular economy and work with us to bring new use and second life to materials. Join us!

Solutions First

Creative communities can collectively make an impact. Local reuse prevent waste, creates green jobs and saves natural resources. It also has the potential to make us happier :)

If we don't work together to solve this...

Landfills = Landfull

Ontario’s landfills will be at full capacity by 2032. Even after 30 years of recycling programs, Canada recycles only 9% of our plastic waste. A shocking 86% is dumped into landfills

The climate crisis is not just about fuel consumption, it's about how our consumption impacts the land and all that lives on it.

Not Just Single-Use

About 27% of all waste in Canada comes from demolished buildings, renovations and construction material. It is possible to divert as much as 95% of CRD waste through reuse and recycle.

In reality, every year, an estimated 200M pounds of carpet alone mostly go to landfill (much of it synthetic material and plastics), with only about 2% recycled.

Microplastics on a beach.

Highest & Best Use

It starts and ends with a Zero Landfill Policy and our commitment to divert all materials to their highest and best use possible. This is committment to you and the environment is infromed by the Waste Heirarchy.

Our collective impact.

We weigh and track everything.
By 2030, we strive to divert more than
50% of the materials we process to
Reuse over Recycling or Recovery.