For this month's Member Spotlight, we want to introduce you to Förtrollad. They are a leather bag and accessories brand with a mission to create timeless + functional pieces that are not only affordable but also made slowly and mindfully representing a sustainable and mindful way of living. The shop was founded by Karin Edhlund who is also the creator of these beautiful pieces.  

When it comes to sourcing leather she prefers to work with recycled leather from local recycling companies, donated by friends/small businesses or leather that she carefully handpicks in thrift shops around the world. She also jumps at the opportunity to acquire a good quality vegetable tanned 100% leather at local family run shops. 

We asked Karin why she became a Circular Partner and here's what she said,
"I joined the Circular Partner community because I wanted to connect with individuals who share my passion for preserving our planet and eliminating waste. The saying "one person's trash is another person's treasure" resonates strongly with me, and I'm eager to be part of and collaborate with a community that shares the same ethos."

Check out Förtrollad's "Care Collection". This collection features sustainable items made from salvaged materials like deadstock, pre-loved clothing, and upholstery samples. The collection is a labor of love, and each piece has a unique story to tell. Proceeds from sales are used to plant trees globally. 
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